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Right Online 2012 Presentation

Apologies for the fact that I don’t have the text of my presentation in here, but I wanted to post my presentation from m Right Online panel.

Right Online Bad Data Presentation

Links for the Franklin Center Journalism Summit

I’m giving a talk today on visualizations at the Franklin Center Journalism Summit and I wanted an easy way for the participants to see all the links I reference.

Here is the presentation:

Visual Journalism: a Information Visualization Overview

And here are links to all the example visualizations in the talk.

The Buzz vs. The Bulge

May BLS data in CSV (Excel)

Monthly Federal Finance (and GDP)

Map of the Market

Finding Bigfoot (made with Tableau)

Geography of Government Benefits

US map by state (SVG)

US map by county (SVG)

US map by congressional district(SVG)

Seat Guru


How different groups spend their day

US Employment By State 1976 – 2009

World Cup 2010 players

Google Charts (HTML and Javascript)

Flare (visualization toolkit in Flash)

5 Things you ought to know when designing metro screens – Scott Barnes

Metrotastic– Palette Generator Preview

Grid page layout

Many Eyes

Free Chapter of Beautiful Visualization

I’ll Be Speaking at Drive the Discussion

I’ll be speaking at the Florida GOP’s “Drive the Discussion” event in Orlando, Florida in a couple weeks. The event is August 22 at the Gaylord Palms Resort and among the speakers will be (according to the website) “Olympic Gold Medalist, motivational speaker, and television personality Bruce Jenner, Former Miss California and Miss USA first runner up Carrie Prejean, author and political commentator Jonathan Krohn and Washington Times columnist and political blogger Amanda Carpenter.”

The event is free, but you do need to sign up at the link above. I’m not listed as a speaker… probably because I don’t have a Wikipedia page. Or, more likely, because I’m neither super hot nor some kind of child genius.

I’ve got a basic presentation put together, but I’d love to hear what my readers are interested in and use that to… well… drive the discussion. So… how about it? More interested in talking about videos? Talking about understanding numbers? Talking about “new media”? Talking about Carrie Prejean? Let me know and I’ll use your input as I put together my talk.

Also, if you’re a reader or Twitter follower, let me know and we’ll “tweet-up” (which is the somewhat bizarre terminology for meeting twitter followers in real life).